4 Things You Can Do to Improve Your EAT Ranking

EAT Ranking

EAT, or the “Experimental Article Title” index, is a measure of how often an article has been cited by other articles in a given year. Articles with high EAT rankings are important because they have had more impact on other researchers’ work and publishing decisions than those with lower rankings. This blog post shares ways to improve your EAT ranking.

1. Include Author Names and Biographies in Your Editorial Content

Including the author’s name and biography in your editorial content helps to legitimize your work and shows that you are an authority on the topic. Including this information also allows other researchers to quickly find more articles written by those authors.

Make sure that the author names and biographies you include are up-to-date and accurate. Also, be sure to use the same name formats (e.g., last name, first initial) across all platforms.

2. Invest in Personal Branding

By investing in your personal brand, you can increase the likelihood of being cited. When writing about a new topic or idea, be sure to include a paragraph that describes why your research is important and how it applies beyond just answering one specific question. This section will help readers understand the larger impact of the work you have done and why they should continue to follow your work.

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3. Use Technical Security Measures to Protect Your Work

Technical security measurements should be taken whenever possible. This can include using digital signatures and trusted timestamps for published materials and keeping track of the date you sent an email containing research results or other sensitive information so that it cannot be forged by others. In addition, always encrypt any personal information such as social security numbers.

4. Moderate User-Generated Content

User-generated content is typically not peer-reviewed or indexed by scientific publication databases. However, user-generated content can still be useful to the research community if it is moderated and curated properly. There are several ways you can moderate your social media presence, including hiring an SEO company cumming with expertise in curating posts, creating guidelines for appropriate behavior, monitoring posts for inaccuracies or offensive content, and using algorithms to identify and remove inappropriate content.

To Conclude

You can improve your EAT ranking and become a more respected authority in your field by following these tips. For more information on how to improve your EAT ranking, you may even contact an SEO agency.