Best Practices to Select the Best AWS Consulting Partner for Your Organization

AWS Consulting Partners help companies to design, build, migrate, and manage their AWS Cloud deployments. But there are thousands of Consulting Partners you can work with. So how can you find the right partner who can help you capture the maximum value from your AWS investment? By following the best practices highlighted below!

#1. Understand your own needs

A competent Consulting Partner can help you build a strong cloud foundation, design a robust cloud strategy, and migrate to the AWS Cloud on time and within your budget. Some partners also manage day-to-day cloud operations for their clients.

But you may not need all these services. That’s why you should first do a self-assessment to identify your:

Make sure to do this internal soul-searching before starting the external consultant-searching.

#2. Do your research

AWS has a rigorous process to assess the knowledge and experience of potential partners before admitting them to the AWS Partner Network (APN). So, any Consulting Partner you choose has already received AWS’ stamp of approval. Nonetheless, you must do your own research to confirm that your partner is suitable for your specific needs and cloud requirements.

The AWS “Innovate with Partners” page is a good place to start your research. Through this page, you can find partners based on their services and competencies. Similarly, you can find partners with expertise in a specific industry, use case, or workload. From the same page, you can explore AWS’ managed service providers (MSPs) and the Consulting Partners listed on the AWS Marketplace.

#3. Assess their capabilities before making a decision

All AWS Consulting Partners have a solid understanding of the AWS Cloud comprehensive knowledge of how its services can benefit an organization or industry. But your organization has unique requirements and every partner has unique capabilities. That’s why you should assess the capabilities of every potential partner you identified in your search.

Create a list and compare partners based on their AWS skills and knowledge. Ask for their AWS qualifications and certifications, question which industry they specialize in, and test their familiarity with your industry. And ask about their existing customers and if they can provide reviews or recommendations from at least some of them.


A skilled and experienced AWS Consulting Partner can be a valuable asset to your organization. The trick is to find the right partner for your specific goals and business needs. Contact if you need an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who can help you revolutionize your business with the AWS Cloud.