Billy Frank — The Age of Impact Entrepreneurship

Impact entrepreneurs are guided by a passion for disrupting the status quo. They acknowledge making more ethical and translucent companies, dislodging the dinosaurs that give the customer a bad bargain. Doing their bit to push the world ahead is what gets them out of bed in the dawning. 

They acknowledge creating companies that make people’s lives easier, withdrawing unnecessary sophistication. Simply put, they don’t bear selling but solving problems.

Impact entrepreneurs represent the George Bernard Shaw quote, “the proper man adjusts himself to the world; the inflexible one persists in trying to adjust the world to himself. Therefore, all improvement depends on the unreasonable man.”

So, what is the significance of wealth to the “inflexible man”? If impact entrepreneurs evolve overnight millionaires, the rationale doesn’t stop; it just grows more viable. PayPal founder Elon Musk made adequate money by the moment he was 30 to retire for the rest of his life. Rather than Ferraris and desert isles, he used his newfound funds to launch electric car manufacturer Tesla, disrupting the automotive industry permanently. 

Nonetheless, believing that Tesla alone cannot save the planet from severe emission vehicles, Musk is causing the public all of their patents to improve the industry. The competition is the carbon crisis, not rival car manufacturers.

Similarly, as Branson has hoofed back from running his realm, he has evolved into a prolific ambassador for “business as a muscle for good.” Whether leveraging entrepreneurial determination to tackle issues that governments have failed to solve or launching The B Team, a not-for-profit that encourages businesses to be of “social, environmental and economic benefit,” Branson is paving the way for impact entrepreneurs.

With this new method of entrepreneurship rapidly shaping enterprise in the 21st century, we’re on our way to business success being measured not by just profit but through cultural impact. Subsequently, the industry is becoming more responsible, transparent, rewarding, exciting, and fun.

Billy Frank is an entertainment executive, Web3 enthusiast, and serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has produced projects for the following causes; 

  •   Animal Welfare
  •   Youth/Youth Sports, Arts, and Culture
  •   Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  •   Education
  •   Pool Safety, Environment
  •   Health
  •   Human Rights
  •   Politics
  •   Science and Technology
  •   Social Services and Web3

Billy enjoys being a part of projects that “make a difference” and “disrupt”. This is why he now owns the 55 year sporting event “The Watts Summer Games,” aka, the USA City Games. Billy intends to make a documentary of the games/ riots and tie it to how the rebellion was a horrible time for Angelenos. At the same time, it allowed young people to have a chance to get off the streets and compete in sports and build the community. 

As another way to give back to the community, Billy took on a role as an Adjunct Professor for Carnegie Mellon University in the Heinz School’s Master of Entertainment Industry Management Program from 2008-2009. The focus was on Marketing and Entertainment. “Billy says the program, in which he co-authored with longtime colleague, Sandep Rahi, gave back to him ten-fold from what he gave to it”

Billy is a true serial entrepreneur, a person that came from little. With no help and no funding, Billy is now engulfed in Web3/NFTs/Metaverse and has co-founded his latest endeavor, The Smuggleverse, LLC. He and his elite team intend to make a movie, “The King of Pot” (true life story of Bruce Perlowin, the largest West-Coast cannabis smuggler of the 1970’s and beyond. Developing a game (Grand Theft Auto meets The King of Pot”), a documentary, “The Complete History Cannabis” originally produced Music with celebrity avatars all tied into strains of digital cannabis NFTs’ that can be held, sold, cut or stacked with is’t proprietary technology. These latest projects for Billy will make a difference for the masses by introducing how to become financially sound with NFTs’/Web3/Metaverse and Crypto. Billy’s latest co-venture and holding company, Smuggleverse LLC., will disrupt the business as we know it.