Blogger Or Vlogger – Which Would Suit You Better?

It can be tricky to choose whether you want to be a vlogger or a blogger. One way to make your decision is by first assessing what skills you’ll need to be a vlogger or a blogger. If you want to be either a blogger or a vlogger, not only should you have the necessary skills, but you should also enjoy what you’re doing. You need to enjoy it since you’ll potentially be doing it for a long time.

To be successful as a blogger or a vlogger, you’ll need to first fall in love with online content creation. Maybe you enjoy writing blog posts, or you could instead be interested in producing videos. You’ll also need to constantly learn about becoming better at what you’re doing, so being actively interested in it is essential. If you lack the skills you need, you can always spend time building those skills using online resources. There are plenty of ways you can improve your writing, or your video production process. But how is blogging different from vlogging? Let’s look at what each of these are separately.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging got its start in the 2000s, as internet access became more available. In the beginning, there were a large number of political blogs. But over time, people started making more and more blogs about their personal opinions, interests, hobbies, and more. By 2020, there were around 31.7 million bloggers in the US alone.

When you’re blogging, you’re essentially trying to direct web traffic toward your blog articles. If you do manage to attract readers to your blog, you can start earning some income. This is through advertisements placed on your blog, or by offering your services. But why should you become a blogger?

Why Become A Blogger?

There could be several reasons behind why you want to start a blog. You might want to express your personal opinion, or you might want to use your blog to attract traffic towards your main website. With the help of a blog, you can reach your personal or business goals more easily. You can develop authority and reputation online, especially in the niche you write on. You’ll be able to build an online following, and can start earning income that is semi passive as well.

You should also consider investing in blogger insurance. This is as by running your own blog, you leave yourself vulnerable to certain risk factors. When you have blogger insurance, you gain coverage against common career risks. With blogger insurance, both your blogging career and your finances will be safe. If you want to learn more about blogger insurance, then click here.

What Are The Benefits Of Blogging?

There are several benefits associated with blogging. These include:

  • Search engine optimization can be improved, as keywords can be integrated into new blog posts.
  • Blogging lets you build a relationship with existing as well as potential customers.
  • You’ll be able to develop the reputation of your business as industry leading.
  • You’ll be able to provide value to your customers, by creating content that they might find useful. These include tutorials and how to articles.
  • You can read other blogs to stay up to date with industry specific knowledge.
  • You’ll also be able to work.on your writing skills, to become a better writer.

What Is Vlogging?

A vlog, also known as a “video blog” or “video log”, is a type of blog that uses the video medium. This is similar to web TV. You’ll find a video embedded in a vlog post, along with a caption, an image, and metadata. The vlog entries can be recorded as a single take or in parts.

Most people create a vlog to showcase their lives or interests. Businesses can also benefit from vlogs. By creating vlogs, you allow your audience to get to know you better. You’ll have to be persistent, brave and possess technical skills to make good vlogs. You won’t be able to make a successful vlog in one day. It could take you up to an entire year to gain traction.

What Are The Benefits Of Vlogging?

There are several benefits associated with vlogging. These include:

  • You’ll be able to add a personal touch to your content.
  • You can show off your expertise to a targeted audience.
  • You’ll really be able to boost your search engine optimization.
  • You can reach a wider audience, and people are likely to share your content more.
  • This is a budget friendly form of content marketing.
  • Video format content tends to be more engaging than written content.


You’ll have to produce content regularly, whether you plan to become a blogger or video blogger. Consider your audience and the places you are likely to find them. A blog may be more suitable for you if your main goal is to reach people in your area who are looking for specific services or products. You can reach a larger audience if you are good at creating video content.

This guide will help you decide whether to blog or vlog.