Branching Out and Transforming Careers

If you have ever felt that you care not being challenged by your job or that you think branching out for a career change would make things better, then you are not the only one. For various reasons, there are many people who are not satisfied with the idea of staying in their current career and desire to pursue something different. 

However, as exciting as that venture might sound, many hesitate to initiate these decisions – and we can understand why. You have spent several years trying to establish your current career and it is hard to move away from all that to start something new. But what if you started with baby steps? Instead of moving completely away from your career, you can branch out into different fields related to your current job. This way, you can still make the most out of your specific field-based skill set while entering a new work environment that really brings out the true potential in you. 

If you are curious to know about the effectiveness of such an approach, then the best thing to do is to reach out to professionals in the field who were just like you and in their own way, found a solution that worked best for them. Consider looking into the work life of Aubrey Banks – a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, lifestyle engineer, brand architect, style composer, and the A&R of Musicheads. 

Banks started off his professional career journey at the age of 17 when he opened up a clothing store “Remix Clothing” which operated for a couple of years until he decided to expand his work experience within the entertainment industry. 

He worked for two record labels when he decided to finally start his own brand, leading him to become the founder and CEO of Musicheads LLC – a prestigious music production company that has worked with many revered artists such as Chris Brown, Jay Z, Rick Ross, and many more. A few examples of some of the records his company has worked on includes “The One,” “Devil is a Lie,” and “I’m so Blessed.” Naturally, as a result of his exceptional management and years of expertise, Musicheads has sold more than 6 million singles collectively and also has been nominated for the Grammys. 

Later on, Banks founded “The Tailored Firm” which is a full-service management and marketing firm that assists clients in getting brand ambassadorships, social media enhancements, and branding opportunities. Moreover, he founded a sports concierge company called the “19eight5” and also gained the opportunity to work with Interscope and Cash Money Records as A&R and various other boutique labels like “Artist Development.”

And he hasn’t stopped pursuing his passions to this day either! Recently, in April 2022, Banks went further ahead and founded another company called “Why Not Me,” which is a lifestyle and entertainment masterclass. Through this platform, he is able to share all kinds of tips, advice, and guidance that have worked towards helping him become one of the best multiple stream entrepreneurs of our time.