Car Pawn: What Do You Need Apart From The Deposit Item?

Apart from the pawned item itself – i.e., the car – the car pawnshop usually needs all sorts of other things. This includes, for example, all keys that belong to the vehicle. In addition, you must bring the registration certificate Part I, i.e., the vehicle license, and the registration certificate Part II, i.e., the everyday vehicle letter.

 A currently valid report and proof of ownership in the form of a sales contract, a receipt, or an invoice must also be presented to most vehicle pawn shops. In addition, it is always worthwhile to submit the vehicle check booklet or service booklet, evidence of the value of special equipment, tuning, and accessories, or any proof of repairs (e.g., workshop invoices). Click here (คลิกที่นี่ which is the term in Thai) for more information on car pawn and the best way to go.

How Long Is The Contract Period For A Car Deposit Contract

The minimum term of the pledge agreement is generally at least three months – this is regulated and prescribed by law. Therefore, it is not possible for the pawnbroker – the pawnbroker or pledgee – to cancel the loan and repay the loan before the 3-month period has expired. In contrast, the pledger has the option of redeeming the loaned vehicle at any time during the three months. An extension is usually unproblematic – against payment of the interest and fees accrued. As a rule, the pawnbroking contract can even be extended several times.

The pledger or debtor can transfer the loan received, including interest and fees, to the pawnbroker or lender until the end of the contractually agreed pawnbroking period. Payback the creditors and get the pledge back – in the vehicle pawnshop, therefore, the car. The fees can usually be paid every three months or every month. Many pawnbrokers offer both discreet cash payments and conventional bank transfers as payment methods.

Many pawnshops, therefore, attach great importance to reliability. By the way: If the pawnbroker does not manage to sell the car at auction, he can sell the seized item.