Charity For Israel: Why Israelis Struggle?

Many struggling families in Israel face numerous obstacles due to the socio-economic situation currently prevalent in the country. It can be difficult to keep track of household expenses, even for middle-class families. Poor families in Israel are at a greater risk than the general population. The Israeli government makes many efforts to aid the poor, but it cannot guarantee that their families can afford food, clothing, or education. There is no escaping the consequences. Frequently, children and families lack sufficient food for three meals every day.

Approximately 8.3% of Israeli families cope with mild food insecurity. The number of food-insecure Israelis is approximately 10.6%. Meir Panim is committed to assisting those in need of food assistance. By delivering our food security program, our food security team aims to reduce food insecurity in local communities. 

An organization known as Meir Panim takes care of the elderly, children, as well as anybody else in need, particularly when epidemics break out. Despite everyone else keeping their distance from hungry and distraught people, we stood by and held hands with them. In addition, we strive to foster charity for Israel

Make a Donation Today to Support Israel

Poverty did not exist in isolation, even though we knew it existed. Although food for the hungry may alleviate their immediate needs, poverty persists. As a result, we decided to provide a “full service” humanitarian solution to end poverty. 

We rely on donations from individuals and nonprofit organizations to accomplish our mission concerning charity for Israel. We view our donors as direct partners throughout the development of our business.

Anywhere and anytime you want, you can donate. You can be sure that every donation you make will go to help those in need in Israel through our charity for Israel. We can all do our part if we all work together to make a difference today.