Hetal Shah: Entrepreneurial Leadership at its Finest

With more people shifting towards the online realm, it only makes sense that many would be interested in the idea of starting their own business. But the journey of starting your own company is a lot more complex than you would imagine. 

The reason behind that is that there is a certain skill set you will need to reach success in your business. Aside from having basic business skills, one of the things that can really boost your business success is having entrepreneurial leadership abilities. 

A prime example of such an individual from whom you can learn more about this is none other than Hetal A. Shah – a highly acclaimed Indian American author, management consultant, a blogger, and YouTube vlogger. 

As someone who knew the role technology and social media would have on the business world, Hetal was one of the first business leaders who realized the impact they would have within the professional sector. In 2000, Hetal began working as a Product Manager and Marketing Strategy Consultant for two technology startups that dealt with web and telephone communications.

Despite being an amazing business leader, Hetal still believed she could make more of a difference. She started taking online courses in business, building up her professional development. Her focus became mostly centered around social media fields. She runs two blogs – Smart Robots and Startups Coach – including working on her YouTube channel, Superhetalshah, which is centered around guided meditations and professional development advice that she has learned throughout the course of her professional work environment. 

If you are aiming to immerse yourself in entrepreneurial leadership, Hetal is the perfect role model for the job. She is proficient in a number of fields such as innovation, marketing, finance, strategy, etc., while being well versed in the online technological aspects that rule our current world business structure. 

So if you are looking for ways to improve your entrepreneurial leadership abilities, here are a few things that can help you out. 

Listen With the Intention to Understand 

Nurturing the skill of listening is just one part of the challenge. When you are successful, it is easy to listen to someone’s opinion and then just completely disregard it. Having humility and trying to understand what the people in your business have to say can keep your company from crashing or plateauing. 

Try to figure out the perspective of the situation when you are listening to someone – you never know you might end up learning something incredibly amazing from them. 

Delegate Abilities 

According to Forbes, it is essential that an efficient leader should be able to take off 70% of their work and pass them down to the next in command and then continue that further down the chain. 

Delegation is an important skill that is essential for entrepreneurs to develop as soon as possible. Through successful delegation, you are able to ensure that everyone is getting a fair amount of work that they excel in. As a result, this will avoid burnout and decision fatigue while giving yourself the ability to improve business productivity and move at a faster pace towards business success.