How To Do Reasonable Inventory Control

We already understand that inventory control is significant and can benefit the business. But how to start doing this control? See the step-by-step in page365PH.

Take Stock Of Products

First of all, you need to know your products’ values ​​and quantities. Only with this data can you start the organization. From the count, you can register and categorize all your products. Still, it is recommended to carry out a stock inventory. That is, calculate the sum of all products available in stock. With inventory, making an efficient inventory control becomes an easier task. It is possible to plan and carry out strategic actions in this way. Thus, the aim is to optimize the inventory turnover to avoid leaving products idle for a long time.

Register Your Products

By registering all your products in stock as a seller center shopee, your management in this process is much more organized and facilitated. It is essential to update the stock count with each new product entry or exit. By doing this, you will know precisely when there is a shortage or excess of products. You will have a precise notion of the right moment to make new purchases with your suppliers or else the moment to liquidate possible excess products.

To make an efficient stock control, you must define the minimum and maximum stock of each product according to the demand of each one. Separating your products by their respective categories makes it easier to organize and make suitable stock control. In this way, you will be able to know the nature, specifications, characteristics, and types of products that are available in your stock.

Categorize Your Products

As there are stocks of various sizes, you need to manage these items as comprehensively as possible. You may have heard of the ABC Curve, also known as the Pareto Optimum. It is a graphical representation of items under analysis; this definition of groups or categories assesses the importance of each of them within the context in which they are found. Thus, it is possible to identify what is most important to have in your company. It is based on these parameters that inventory management usually works. Minimizing the margin of error in purchasing products or inputs without losing sight of those who make the company spin.

So that you can apply this methodology in your business, it is necessary to identify items or groups of items and their average movement. Remember that we are dealing with inventory replenishment speed and profit margins. Still, this analysis can be done through an ABC Curve Worksheet.