Increase Productivity in Your Office with These Simple Strategies

As a small business owner, there are only so many training courses and KPI tools you can use to increase productivity in the workplace, and sometimes you have to think outside of the box. If you’re struggling to motivate your teams, it might be time to review your office space and make some adjustments, designed to reinvigorate and reinspire your workers… 

Prioritise light, open spaces

According to one report, workers who are exposed to natural light during working hours will stay on-task for 15% more time than those who are deprived of sunlight. Where possible, open the curtains and blinds and allow staff to quite literally see the light. You may need to rejig your office spaces and perhaps even remove some partition walls to allow for this.

Go back to nature

Another way to boost productivity in the workplace is to add some greenery to your office. One study suggests that plants can boost concentration and wellbeing by as much as 50%, so buy a few potted plants to place around the office. Some scientists have even suggested that plants can purify and detoxify the air, with English Ivy, the Snake Plant, the Spider Plant, and Aloe Vera amongst the most powerful for fighting pollutants. Remember to water them! 

Keep it clean

Have a cleaning rota that involves staff wiping their desks and vacuuming the floors on a Friday afternoon? It’s time to take it up a gear. Investing in a professional cleaner, offered by a company that specialises in facilities management services, will not only free up your staff to work longer on Fridays, but make them feel valued. After all, you’re paying your senior executives for their talent and expertise in their niche  – not to be polishing door handles! 

Make it smell nice

Although we’re not suggesting that you invest in some Yankee Candles for your office, you should consider the benefits of scenting your environment to boost productivity. One report found that workers who were exposed to scents such as lavender and lemon were less likely to make mistakes than those who did not; ideal if you’re trying to make staff more efficient.

Consider ergonomics

Ergonomic workplace design trends have ballooned in recent years as employees discover the value of comfort in the workplace. It’s vital that your staff can work in an environment that is not only optimised for their work, but for their bodies. Encourage staff to sit up straight, buy back cushions and supports for office chairs that support the curve in the spine, and invest in headsets so staff don’t have to cradle the handset between the head and neck. Monitors should be placed directly in front of workers at about an arm’s length away, and the top of the screen should be just below the eye level. Speak to a workplace designer for assistance. 

Follow these tips and you’ll have a more engaged and motivated workforce in no time at all. If you have any other advice, let us know in the comments and check back soon for more.