Looking For Holsters To Carry On Shoulders? Leather Shoulder Holsters Is A Saviour

Holsters are known to everyone. They are used to hold your firearms. Before understanding what these leather shoulder holsters are, it’s important to know how many types of holsters are there and where can each holster be positioned, and which will serve your purpose.

The holsters are categorized based on where can the gun owner keep them. If someone wants to hold their gun on their waist, waistband holsters, cross draw holsters are suitable with outside and inside band designs, along with left and right-hand configurations. Ankle holsters are mostly used in encounters or other police activities as a backup gun holder, it gives a great look too, and can be used by people who are interested in such genre-based holsters. Pocket holsters are also available to put the short guns inside the trouser pockets for concealed and discreet usage, many under-ground cop operations need such holsters.

What Are Leather Shoulder Holsters?                       

Leather Shoulder holsters are designed to carry and hold guns on shoulders, either one-sided or two-sided, buckled holsters, mostly by sheriffs and also hunting shooters with a lot of conveniences to carry on the shoulder. This holster was used extensively in the old west culture, and parts of Texas for its discreet appearance and access.

While pocket holsters and shoulder holsters both are widely used by cops, shoulder holsters are preferable due to many reasons.

Reasons To Consider Leather Shoulder Holsters

  • The lightweight and excellent gun weight-bearing capacity of leather shoulder holsters make it easy to carry large barrel guns. Since the weight is on the shoulders, it is convenient to carry compared to holding on the waist.
  • Quick access to the firearm, due to its convenient design such that the gun is placed exactly near to the shoulder, the hand can reach the gun easily and imagine pulling off the gun quickly before your enemy can make a move, how macho it looks right? Well not to be dramatic, but the benefit of a two-sided or one-sided shoulder holster has to conceal benefits and also can access the gun quickly in case of emergency

Since everything that looks best may not be the best solution for your needs, and as they say every coin has two sides, Leather shoulder holsters do have some cons and may not be suitable for few situations like,

  • Usage of leather shoulder holsters needs training and is not a good fit for common people. It is suitable for cops because, given a situation one is pinned to a wall and assaulted, to protect themselves, pulling the arm would be very tough unless trained. Not as safe as a belt holster in any mockery situations usually faced by commoners.
  • Few may face difficulty in using this holster if habituated to regular holsters. Reaching out to the position of the gun placed under your arm may be difficult as said above, if not trained to prove that these leather shoulder holsters are for trained users, which indirectly hints to the police department