Namlha FC’s Journey in the Season: An Insight into Their League Standings

Hello, football fans! Namlha FC is currently one of the most promising teams in the Nepalese league. Their unmatched skills, talent, and experience, coupled with their determination, make them one of the hardest-to-beat teams in the competition. In this blog post, we will be discussing namlha fc standingsin the league and what we can expect from them in the upcoming matches.

Namlha FC’s road to success has been a thrilling journey so far. The team has faced numerous challenges but has always managed to come out on top. Currently, they are sitting at the second position in the league table, with a total of 24 points in 12 matches. They are just one point behind the current league leaders, making this an intense battle for the top spot. The team has scored 22 goals and conceded only 10, showcasing their excellent defensive and attacking capabilities.

One of the most standout players in the team is their captain, Santosh Thapa. His leadership qualities have been essential in guiding the team to victory. His expertise in setting up goals and making crucial saves has helped the team keep their position in the league. Additionally, the Brazilian striker, Raul Santos, has been a great addition to the team with his impressive techniques and quick decision-making.

Although Namlha FC has won seven out of their 12 games, they have also faced disappointing losses throughout the competition. In their last game against Kailali United, the team lost 2-1, which was unexpected from a team of such high caliber. However, they have been consistent in their performance and are continuously working on improving their gameplay for the upcoming matches.

Namlha FC’s next match is against Nepalgunj Football Club, who is currently at the bottom of the league table. This match is an excellent opportunity for Namlha FC to secure three points and vie for the top spot in the league. The team has been preparing for this game with rigorous training sessions and tactical planning. Their main focus is on improving their finishing skills and sustaining their momentum throughout the entire game, which will be essential for achieving their goal of winning the match.

Another critical factor that has contributed to Namlha FC’s success is their supporters. The team has a loyal fan base who show up in large numbers to cheer on the players during every match. Their enthusiasm and energy have been a significant morale boost for the players. Their constant support and encouragement have helped the players perform to their full potential.


In conclusion, Namlha FC is undoubtedly one of the most impressive teams in the Nepalese league. Their current standings in the league table and their performance in the previous games highlight their great potential, making them one of the teams to look out for in the competition. It will be exciting to see them compete in the upcoming matches, and we can expect nothing but an exemplary display of their skills and talents. We wish Namlha FC all the best for their upcoming game against Nepalgunj Football Club, and we hope to see them climb up the league table in the coming weeks. Let’s go Namlha FC!