Savings account online: Features and the required documents

Do you have any information on the savings account? A savings account is also called a deposit account that allows the account holders to earn good interest on the savings maintained in the account. 

The savings account interest rate offered on this maintained balance differs from bank to bank. A savings bank account ensures safety and easy access to your money whenever you require it. You can easily deposit or withdraw the money from the saving account digitally at any point the time. 

In this article, we are going to highlight the features of the savings account, along with the documents that are required to open the savings account online. 

Features of the savings account

This section is filled with the features that make the digital savings account the best option. Following are some of the best features of the savings account. If you are interested in opening your savings account, read the following points properly. 

  • Safety 

People can safely store and surplus their funds in digital savings accounts.

  • Earned interest 

The best thing is that the balance maintained in the savings account earns interest. In the savings account, the rate of the interest rate is not too high, as compared to the other banking accounts, which further maximizes the funds in the savings account. 

  • Debit and ATM card facility 

The bank provides the debit cards or and ATM cards to the account holders of the savings account. Through the ATM or debit cards, account holders can withdraw their money anytime from the savings account.

  • Discounts on locker facilities 

If you are maintained the minimum quarterly balance in the savings account, the banks may will  provide additional benefits such as you discounts on the locker rental facilities. 

  • Insurance cover

Some banks also provide insurance cover to savings account holders. This covers insurance consisting the personal accident and death. 

Documents that need to open the savings account online

In this section, you will learn about the important documents you need while opening a savings account. 

Age and the identity proof

You must submit the age and identity proof to banks, such as the voter ID, passport, PAN card, etc. 


The banks also require passport-size photographs if you want to open your savings account. 

Residence proof

Residence proof is the registered document in which the address of the applicant is mentioned, and it is issued by the government or official authority. The passport, driving license, voter Id card, and utility bill are residence proof. 

Senior citizen card

Senior citizen card is provided the many banks to their customers. Those who want to open their senior citizen account must submit their age proof. Senior citizen cards are issued by the social welfare departments as the most preferred proof. 


This article is written on the top-notch features and the documents required for the savings account. All the above information is beneficial for you if you want to open your savings account.