The Photo Editing Process Explained Step By Step

If you start in photo editing, we will leave you a detailed overview of the general steps when retouching a photograph or check out to learn more.

Steps In The Photo Editing Process

If your shot is in raw format, you must first develop it. To do this, open your favorite program (Camera Raw, Lightroom, Capture One).

Set the white balance to the desired one, the same with the exposure. If you want, you can use highlights and shadows.

You can add your creative touch with contrast, saturation, or intensity.

You can apply a predesigned filter in any of your editing programs and adjust the values ​​until you reach the result you want.

When development is complete, you can open your photo in Adobe Photoshop for more detailed editing.

In Photoshop, you can apply techniques like dodge and burn, frequency separation, background cloning, clipping masks, and many more. Photoshop has no limits to creativity!

Once your edit is done, make two files. One in .psd format that contains all the editing layers and a final .jpg edition to upload to networks or deliver to the client. At this point, you can set the quality of the photo.

Tips For Editing Photos In A Professional Way

If, after all, that we have told you, you have been delighted with photo editing, there are several ways to learn like in for instance. You can start by watching some videos on YouTube. There are great artists there willing to share their knowledge. Join their networks and start practicing with them. You can also join a live editing Twitch channel and learn by watching a pro work. It can be a lot of fun to see first-hand how an image is worked.

In addition, you can use theoretical material from books or websites. Be careful; everything changes and evolves quickly in photo editing: you must make sure that you are using updated material.

Another Option Is To Learn From Editing Software Tutorials.

Adobe offers many introductory tutorials to its editing programs. If you already have the program, you have to start doing them. Taking a photo editing course is the best decision to get the best of the previous options, plus a certification that supports your knowledge. You will be able to learn alongside the best and have their support while you learn.


Photo editing is a vast discipline that greatly influences the final appearance of a photograph. In addition, it offers you the possibility to feed an image with unlimited creativity.