Why Get High Risk Merchant Services For Your High Risk Needs

If you have a business that deals with high risk transactions, it’s important to secure the right kind of merchant services. That’s because your business is at a higher risk of fraudulent activity and chargebacks than other types of businesses. High risk merchant services are designed to help protect you from fraud while also giving you access to more payment solutions for your needs than if you were just working with low risk providers. Here’s how:

High Risk Merchant Services

High risk merchants are businesses that sell to consumers. These transactions are especially high risk because there is a greater chance of chargebacks. With a higher rate of chargebacks, you could lose money on your sales and potentially even be shut down for noncompliance with the law or card network rules.

If you’re a high risk merchant, then you may need to use high risk merchant services or even resort to cash only business models. Here are some examples of high-risk services:

  • Credit Card Processing Providers (CCPs)
  • Online Merchant Account Providers (OMAPs)

High-risk merchant accounts are a type of payment processing account that are used by businesses that have a higher risk of chargebacks or fraudulent transactions. These types of merchant accounts can be used to process both debit cards and credit cards, but they tend to carry higher fees and rates than standard merchant services.

Credit card networks consider adult entertainment, cigarette, and guns vendors high-risk merchants. Airlines and hotels are fraud-prone due to product returns and customer service disagreements. In general, all businesses can become high-risk depending on how their industry is regulated, so it’s best not to assume your business falls into this category without first consulting your processor about any potential risks associated with accepting card payments from customers who may not have good intentions behind their purchase orders (i.e., people who try buying things online using stolen credit card information).

High Risk Merchant Services Can Streamline Transactions For Your High Risk Needs

If you are a high-risk merchant, getting high-risk services can help you keep transactions flowing smoothly.

You may be looking for a payment solution to accommodate higher risk transactions and a more complex business model. Or perhaps your business has outgrown the services of your current provider and you need to upgrade to meet new challenges. Either way, getting high-risk merchant services from an experienced service provider can be beneficial because:

  • The service provider will likely have years of experience working with many similar businesses to yours. They will know what kinds of risks are typical in these industries—and how best to mitigate them—so they can quickly assess your situation and develop solutions that fit your needs perfectly.
  • As part of their commitment to providing excellent customer support, these companies often work closely with small businesses so that they feel confident using the platform and understand how it operates (while still retaining access to all the tools needed).


If you need to get high-risk merchant services for your high risk needs, then it is time to contact our customer support team. We can help you find the right solution that works in your business and keeps transactions flowing smoothly.