Why White Label SEO Is More Preferable Than Other SEO Services

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know much about SEO. Or maybe you do, and you think it’s oversold and overpriced. That’s good, because when it comes to digital marketing, there’s a lot of misconceptions out there. That being said, that doesn’t mean that white label SEO isn’t real or isn’t a good option for smaller businesses looking to get started with online marketing. After all, as the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. So here are some reasons why white label SEO is more preferable than other types of SEO services:

White Label SEO Is Cheaper

Most of the time, white label SEO is cheaper than other types of SEO. And it’s not just because you aren’t paying for fancy, highly targeted ads on Google. The underlying cost of running a business is always higher, no matter what type of SEO you choose. The price per click, the cost of running an ad campaign, the cost of purchasing ad space—all of these expenses will always be higher for a white label SEO company than for a traditional SEO company. Furthermore, you aren’t paying for fancy, highly targeted ads on Google. You’re paying for traffic. And traffic costs money. That’s how it works. Period.

White Label SEO Is More Targeted

Let’s say you want to rank number one for the search terms “seo services in miami”. You can either target the exact keywords or phrases related to your product/services, or you can go broader and look for topics that people are interested in. The first option is great for general topics, and the second is great for related keywords. When you use both, you’re more likely to rank well for related keywords. Not only that, but your chances of ranking well for unrelated topics will skyrocket.

White Label SEO Is More Effective

Let’s say you’re a small landscaper and you’re looking to expand. You know your niche well, but you also know that there are a lot of people out there who are just starting out in the landscaping business and who may be interested in your services. You might want to focus your efforts on targeting these people, since you’re the only one in your specific niche. 

That being said, you don’t want to spam the internet with irrelevant ads. That’s why you need to use a white label SEO company. Your white label seo agency will have a more targeted approach than going broad, and they won’t waste your time and money on irrelevant ads.

Google Is Reductionist

So far, we’ve covered why white label SEO is more preferable than other types of SEO and why it’s especially good for targeting new business opportunities. But why does Google regard white label SEO as a bad thing? Google’s philosophy has always been to promote the best possible search results for their users. That’s why they’ve created the “strict” algorithm—so that the top choices are provided to people based on their queries. 

In other words, if you type in “seo services in miami” in your browser, Google will show you only the most relevant results. That being said, Google also understands that people want more information than that. They want to know how to build a website, how to find a good SEO, and how to find a good web host. So Google’s solution has been to make the results more targeted, but more general—that is, less specific. Click here for the best seo agency.