5 reasons why you should consider working outdoors this summer

As professionals begin returning to the office after the remote working era due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are beginning to grow tired of their usual surroundings and crave something a little more exciting. This summer, why not consider ditching the office and heading out into your local park to work? We’ve put together some of the reasons to do so…

Good for your health

Perhaps the most obvious reason to work outside this summer is to give your health a boost. Sitting in the same chair for eight hours a day, five days a week not only results in poor posture but you’re also breathing in the same stale air. Sitting in the sun can improve your health and encourage you to move around and find more comfortable or shaded spots.

Reduces COVID-19 transmission

Another benefit to working in the sun is that you’re outdoors, where rates of COVID-19 transmission fall. Even as more workers become eligible for their vaccines, spending time working outdoors won’t do you any harm, and will ensure your firm remains COVID-free. You’ll still need to distance where possible, but that’s much easier to do from an outdoor space than in a small, cramped office – it’ll give you one less thing to worry about, too.

Improves company’s reputation

If passersby see that you’re working on company grounds in the sun, collaborating and having fun, they’re likely to see your business in a more positive light. What’s more, you can post about your outdoor activities online, making for great PR content on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, showing off your team. We recommend investing in facilities management services like grounds maintenance so your space looks and performs at its best – simple things like grass cutting and planting new bushes make a big difference.

Boosts morale amongst team members

Let’s face it: working outdoors is good fun! Giving your staffers the option to spend some time working from the courtyard or company field will give them a boost and make them feel more engaged and involved at work, rather than feeling like they’re chained to their desk when the sun is out and everyone else is having fun. Being more flexible and giving them the option to wear their own clothes and spend some time sunbathing is a great idea, too.

Increase productivity

Finally, giving your team the autonomy to work where they feel most comfortable will no doubt have an impact on productivity. Some studies show that our moods can take a positive shift when we spend time outside. Research has also found that spending time in nature can also reduce the risk of depression and anxiety – and may even help improve symptoms. It’s a no-brainer to let your teams work from wherever they feel most comfortable, so let them!