Plan a meet-cute for your girlfriend post lockdown

Lockdown and the current scenario is undoubtedly bringing distance between people. Studying online and working from home are truly taxing but what’s sadder is that love stories are not coming out as fruitful as dreamed by the two people in love and awe of each other. There are enough stories convincing us all that it isn’t the easiest thing to follow online through video calls and skype talks. The people who will make it through these testing times are the ones who begin their real love life when they will see each other at all times and lead a relationship the way it was intended. But let us tell you, this meet after lockdown would be nothing like an ordinary date but will be a new meet-cute. For the unromantic here, let us tell you meet cute is a story of how you met for the first time, and this is how you know you are going to end up together. Well, yes, you are writing this has been taken from a movie but we are sure your girlfriend has seen it too and that she will know if you use the right vocabulary to impress here and do it the right way. Here are your ideas of blessing your girl with yet another meet-cute when you meet her after this lockdown ends and things return to near normal. Apart from the ideas written below, you also have to be of utmost sensitivity and caring, blush a little too and be nervous. Well, it’s understandable that these are involuntary reflexes. Still, after you read the suggestions for your meet-cute, you will not need anything else but love and imagination of the future moment to bring it out of you.

  • Order a cake

Order cake and flowers delivery in Pune before you arrive at her place and startle her with a delivery man on her door or you yourself standing there with the big surprise.

  • Pick up and long drive

Pick your girl from her place, causing her the least of trouble from travel to climate and take her for a long drive to a place where there is no congestion, and she can breathe and admire you.

  • Romantic dinner

It’s almost like a romantic dinner is the surprise solution to all the problems people can have in their love lives. Take your partner out for a bite too and have a marvellous time together, just like old times.

  • A day of surprises

Surprise your girlfriend with presents every hour to make her fall in love with you all over again. Give the little heartwarming things that you can get online with ease and express your love for her every other moment.

  • A prank

Play a prank on her, throw her off completely and then when you meet her, it will be like a blessing in disguise to her. It may be a little mean, but the end result is full of love, and it is good to spark the love life in a gorgeous way.

  • A day of fun

Give your girlfriend a day of fun by taking her to an amusement park or for a picnic. Let her take all the trouble off her mind by taking them to a bunch of distractions.

  • A public display of affection

Meeting your girl after a long time makes a grand gesture and tell your love story to the world by giving her a bouquet, a ring of flowers. Speak of your enchanting undying love for your girl.

  • Infinite presents

Gift your girl a bunch of presents from your place and let her save them all till you meet. The day you meet she will have all love in her eyes with your presents and will be waiting for the priceless moment to arrive.