Protect Your Batteries With Solar Charge Controller

What is a solar power charge controller?

A charge controller, solar charge controller or solar power charge controller is nothing but a device which limits the rate at which electric current is drawn from batteries or added to. Overcharging or overvoltage may damage the battery to a greater extent which might result in reducing lifespan or performance of the battery and sometimes may pose safety risk.

MPPT solar charge controller FP-MPPT-80150

Features of solar power charge controller

To protect the battery life, solar controller or solar power charge controller prevents the battery from draining out which is also known as “deep discharging”, obviously depending upon the technology of the battery. Solar power controller offer many additional features, such as Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD), there’s a separate circuit for it which powers down the load when the battery is overly discharged. They are primarily designed to optimize the charging of batteries by the solar panels and prevent the electricity stored in the battery from going back to the solar panels when the there’s no sun. So the question arises, which is the best solar charge controller? The answer to this is simple, the one which offers additional features as well as different voltage control.

Types of solar controller

There are numerous types of solar controller available in the market, taking from a low voltage 12volt solar charge controller to a high voltage 48v solar charge controller. One can even go for the mid-ranged voltage controller of 24v solar charge controller. Besides this, there’s also 30amp solar charge controller available. These are one of the best solar controller, they even have the ability to automatically turn the DC power loads ON and OFF, such as fans & lights. There are some solar charge controllers which can provide monitoring on the battery’s voltage and the amp-hours left.