The additive color theory says that white is present in all colors and therefore it is not a color. Also black is not because in the absence of light everything is black. But colors in the psychology of pigments for example paint, black is the presence of all colors while still not considered as one. But then the practical appeal is hard to deny and it is a common thought that both black and white are colors indeed.

Black being visually heavy. Therefore,the message it is used for is generally a strong one. The most common association with it are power, strength and authority. Hence sometimes too much black can be overwhelming. In the legends of good and evil black is always symbolic of evil. It is darkness. Another professional association that a face painter is aware of is that black also means mourning or mystery hence its use by mimes.

What does a face represent in the profession of being a mime?

Mimes painting the face black and white originated from the stage shows that dated back to 467 BC. The form of entertainment makes the use of gestures to communicate without speaking at all. The purpose of face countering is to make the audience be able to visualize the performer from a very far distance.

The designs on the face help to bring the character back to life and express emotions without the use of words at all. Harlequins are slightly different from mimes as they paint checkered designs over the black and white painted face.

Finding a good face painter in Indonesia

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