What happens if an uninsured driver gets involved in a car accident?

Accidents are always a stressful situation. It can occur because of various reasons, such as negligence, lack of concentration while driving, or even with no fault of your own. After an already unpleasant situation, the problem of liability follows.

In scenarios where drivers are insured, the issue usually gets resolved fairly easily, but what if the driver at fault is not insured? This article explains what you need to do if you’re stuck in a similar situation. 

Three things you can do when involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

There are several things you can do when a car accident you’re involved in is caused by  an uninsured third-party driver. Here are some of the must do’s.

  • The first and the most important thing you need to do after the accident is to check if everyone involved is alright. If there is any emergency call 000 immediately. Then evaluate and analyse the entire situation so you can remember it at claim time, – but remember the insurers will have the ultimate say. So, take lots of photos – of the cars involved (including number plates), the surroundings and so on. As much evidence as possible for the insurers to use in their decision. If you are uninsured, inform the other party and gather information about their insurance status and their insurer. However, if you are at fault and are uninsured, know that you will need to pay for the damage to your own car and others’ property plus you are at risk of being held liable for the damage to other cars involved.
  • When you try to claim from your own insurance because the at-fault party is an uninsured driver you will need to provide as many accurate records and details of the situation. As well as the above, you should take a photograph of the individual’s license (front and back) and get their phone number. This will help provide records for the police and court if required. all these details are highly important for insurers, as they can use the details to expedite the claim process. Try for polite conversation if possible; road rage is not an incident you want to have to deal with on top of the accident. 
  • Accounts from witnesses of the accident and their details are also important. Witnesses play a huge role, as they can help the insurer understand who is at-fault. However, you should ensure that neither you nor the third party pressurises them in any way – the insurance company involved will get the information they need, you just need to get the witness contact details

Save all the hassle of needing to get your car fixed due to an accident by sourcing the best car insurance. In the event where the accident was due to a mistake from your end, having good insurance saves you from the burden of paying thousands of dollars from your pocket. Isn’t that great?

So, it is highly recommended to do some extensive research and make an informed decision when you apply for insurance. Your car insurance coverage will affect what you can claim. Comprehensive car insurance is the best option for high-level coverage, and may also safeguard you from unintentional loss or theft, along with third-party injuries and damages.